Domaine Home: Lea Michele’s Inspiring Backyard Transformation


"When actress and singer Lea Michele asked us to help transform her outdoor space, we jumped at the chance. “The two things I wanted were to add color and to make it more comfortable,” says Michele of her idea for an outdoor space better suited to hosting in LA’s near-perfect weather. With that in mind, our own Estee Stanley (Lea’s stylist) and Mat Sanders reimagined spring’s palette in fresh Sunbrella fabrics, plopped concrete poodles from LA’s Inner Gardens on the poolside, and transformed Lea’s space into an outdoor wonderland using mixed pieces from Crate & Barrel‘s spring outdoor collections. Read on for Lea’s tips on nailing the looks she loves most in your own backyard.”

Lea’s Guide To Spring

Create the feeling of escape with outdoor fabrics: “I really love the curtains that we added around the pavilion. Now I look into the backyard and see these dramatic striped curtains and blue cushions. It’s just so much more beautiful.”


Know your signature flower power: “Indoors, my favorite flowers are Mums. And I really love Gardenias around my house.”

Robin egg blue is in for spring: “I really like the girly elements Estee brings in. I probably would not have picked the robin egg blue at first sight, but now that it’s there, it’s perfect.”


With the scene set, Michele welcomed friends for Pimm’s Buck cocktails and a garden dinner expertly prepared by Jeff Nimer of Haute Chefs LA. Friends, including Switch Boutique’s Jennifer and Julia Cohen and actress Aubrey Doller, gathered around a farm table adorned with a garland of freshly cut flowers by Meinshatz. According to Michele, there are only two hostessing prerequisites: “If everything around you feels rich in color and super comforting, people will always feel like they are home.”

Spring’s “it” drink: a Pimm’s Buck with edible flowers for garnish: “The key to hosting the perfect outdoor party is a great drink. Our Pimm’s cocktails had beautiful flowers in them — both inviting and delicious.




The best ice-breaker is a cozy floor plan: “Make the environment comfortable with lots of places where people can move around and sit. They will feel like this is their home too, not that they are in someone else’s space.”


Photos: Justin Coit, Article: Mat Sanders, Taken from Domaine Home.

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Earth Day - Celebrate and Help the Planet Today

Recycle, eat a healthy meal, plant a tree, the list goes on. Join the world in giving back to.. the world! Earth Day is 44 years old today. Look below for some facts, events, and more on all things Earth!


Download the iRecycle App: iRecycle suggests locations near to you where you can properly dispose and recycle anything—from batteries to electronics to that AC unit you no longer need.

Plant a Tree: Trees remove CO2 from the air and help fight global warming. They produce oxygen, give us shade in the summer, and provide a home for your neighborhood birds. Get a head start for Arbor Day, which is on April 27.

Turn Off Lights / Unplug Chargers: Walk around your house, turn them off any unnecessary lights. Unplug cell phone chargers, mp3 player chargers, etc. Your chargers are using electricity even though your electronic devices are not connected to them.

Change Your Laundry Routine: Instead of saving laundry for your Saturday or Sunday afternoon, do it at night when energy costs are lower. If you have to do laundry during the day try hanging your clothes outside in natures dryer.

Carry Your Own Water Bottle: Reduce the amount of plastic water bottle waste in the world by carrying your own. Drinking bottles are both non-toxic and super-durable.

  • Recycle at work!
  • Drive the speed limit!
  • Curb your junk mail!
  • Have a picnic!

Tips and Tricks from Lea Michele and Brunette Ambition

  • Try Lea’s green juice recipe "Green Machine" consisting of spinach, green apple, kale, and celery.

  • Craving a snack? Try some kale chips. Healthy and satisfying!


  • Go for a walk, hike, jog, or run! Spend part of your day in the fresh air and sunlight. 


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Join The Thunderclap: Take a Stand Against Melanoma

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer – and one of the most common cancers among women under 40.

"The good news is a cure is near. But we need your help."


  1. At the top of this page, support via Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr and get the word out to your friends and followers to do the same.
  2. Go to Itsthatworthit.org to learn more about melanoma and the latest suncare advances, the importance of skin checks and visits to your dermatologist, and additional ways to support the MRA.
  3. On May 20th, watch as everyone’s messages are simultaneously shared around the world.

The first line of defense is prevention. We know not to smoke. We know not to text and drive. But do we really get that not wearing sunscreen everyday can lead to melanoma?  

The second line of defense is research. The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) is making significant strides to prevent and even cure melanoma. 

It’s time to raise our voices on one day, with one message, to let the world know that we want to stop melanoma, by wearing sunscreen every day and supporting the efforts of the MRA to find a cure.  

Join Eva Longoria, Aimee Mullins, Lea Michele, skin cancer survivor Diane Keaton, and melanoma survivor, L’Or
éal Paris communications executive and MRA ambassador Danielle Macaluso to send this message by signing up to this Thunderclap. 

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On May 20th, to commemorate May as Skin Cancer Awareness Month and to kick off Memorial Day weekend and a summer of safe sun, your message and everyone else’s message will be sent loud and clear to stop melanoma through prevention and research.

As part of the It’s THAT Worth It campaign, L’Oréal Paris will make a donation to the Melanoma Research Alliance of $1 for each supporter who signs up for the Thunderclap and $1 for each L’Oréal Paris Advanced Suncare product sold in the U.S. – up to $250,000 in 2014. But the Thunderclap will not be heard unless we reach our goal of supporters, so please join us, wear sunscreen and share this message with your social network. Do it. It’s THAT Worth It.

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Taste For A Cure

Taste for a Cure 2014

The 19th Annual Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation’s (JCCF) "TASTE FOR A CURE," is set for Friday, April 25, 2014 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Steve Mosko, President of Sony Pictures Television, receives the Gil Nickel Humanitarian Award. Actor Joel McHale will present. “Glee” star Lea Michele and “How I Met Your Mother’s” Alyson Hannigan will be part of the program featuring a performance from “Glee’s” Darren Criss and entertainment from actor/comedian Tom Papa.

"Since the events debut19 years ago, over $9.2 million has been raised for cancer research at UCLA.  With the support of this year’s honoree, Steve Mosko, along with the evening’s generous friends and participants, we anticipate greater strides being made to eventually eradicate this deadly disease.”

Lea Michele at Taste For A Cure 2012

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+ On April 6, 2014 - fans trended Monchele For Chrysalis worldwide on Twitter, in honor of the milestone for our Chrysalis fundraiser. We have officially raised $3,000 for Chrysalis in honor of Cory Monteith and Lea Michele. Have you donated yet? What are you waiting for? Donate now to Chrysalis, in honor of Cory and Lea.

On April 6, 2014 - fans trended Monchele For Chrysalis worldwide on Twitter, in honor of the milestone for our Chrysalis fundraiser. We have officially raised $3,000 for Chrysalis in honor of Cory Monteith and Lea Michele. Have you donated yet? What are you waiting for? Donate now to Chrysalis, in honor of Cory and Lea.

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+ Thank you to everyone who joined Bright Ambitions’ International Louder Collage Project - Screaming a little LOUDER around the globe for Lea Michele!

Thank you to everyone who joined Bright Ambitions’ International Louder Collage Project - Screaming a little LOUDER around the globe for Lea Michele!

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Louder is #1 - Fan Project!


Lea Michele’s debut album Louder has been hitting the charts with flying colors, even reaching the #1 spot in some countries! Obviously Lea is so excited about this and we want to join in on the excitement! Bright Ambitions wants to create a group collage featuring fans all over the world that purchased Louder! Here is what you need to do:

  • You must have an iPhone or good enough camera and a physical copy of Louder!
  • Take a picture of yourself holding the album, and be sure to smile! Make sure the picture is a good size and good quality, and do not take it from a strange angle.
  • That’t it! No signs, no digitally editing. We will take care of that! If you want to wear your Louder shirt or necklace, do it! If you want to represent your country, do it! Make sure the image is in somewhat of a square shape. Nothing too long or too wide.
  • Once you are ready to submit..you may email us the picture at brightambitions@live.com - be sure to tell us your name, twitter account, and country you are from OR instagram the picture! Be sure to put #brightambitions in the caption so we can find it!


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Were You a Part of #LOUDERReleaseWeek?

This past week, Lea visited New York in celebration of the March 4th release of her debut album Louder! Have you downloaded the album yet? Throughout the week, Lea performed her hit single “Cannonball” on various talk shows and met fans at various CD signings! Were you able to go? We were! Stay tuned for our story.. in case you missed it, look below to catch up on what Lea was up to this past week - it was a lot! Goes to show how much of a hard worker she is!

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Bright Ambitions’ Next Fundraiser!

We are happy to announce our next fundraiser! Thanks to your wonderful suggestions through Montourage Unite’s recent survey, we have decided to dedicate our next fundraiser to Chrysalis! Wait, there’s more. This fundraiser will be a joint effort with both Bright Ambitions and Montourage Unite, our non-profit community honoring Lea Michele. By combining these two communities into one fundraiser, we will be able to raise so much more!


Chrysalis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the resources and support needed to find and retain employment. The organization has been supported by Cory and Lea throughout the years. The annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball was one of the final events Cory attended, which Lea also attended. It is easy to say that Chrysalis was a very special cause close to Cory and Lea’s hearts. 

Our current goal is $2,000! From previous efforts, we have already raised a total of $1,295! Montourage, “Leanatics”, fans, supporters, lovers of charity, givers, let’s all come together to make this the most successful project ever! Stay tuned for upcoming giveaways, trends, and projects. Montourage Unite is back and striving for bigger and better things!

Ready to Donate?

CLICK HERE to donate to Montourage Unite and Bright Ambitions’ Chrysalis fundraiser!

Keep in Touch! Updates, projects, giveaways, etc. will be posted regularly. You don’t want to miss out! 

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Donate to Chrysalis LA, in honor of Lea Michele! To donate, click here. Donations will go directly to Chrysalis LA. Fundraiser open worldwide and available mobile.

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